Advantages Of Cork Flooring In The Kitchen

When remodeling your kitchen, the floor is one of the major areas that you'll need to consider, since you'll be spending tons of time standing on it while you cook. Cork is a distinctive building material that has a number of unique qualities that make it a good choice for your kitchen floor. Understanding what cork as a flooring material has to offer can help you figure out whether or not cork is the right choice for your kitchen remodeling project.

Advantages of Cork Flooring

Affordability: One of the main advantages associated with installing cork in your kitchen floor is the fact that it is an extremely affordable building material. Though the price will necessarily depend on the brand, thickness, and other variables, you should be able to fit cork flooring into almost every type of budget.

Comfort: Another huge advantage of cork as a flooring material is that it is extremely comfortable to stand on, since it is relatively soft when compared to hardwood and natural stone. This is extremely important, considering the sheer amount of time that you'll be standing up in your kitchen. Further, it should be noted that the softness of cork flooring means that dropped dishes and other kitchen utensils are unlikely to become damaged once they hit the floor.

Sustainability: Cork as an extremely sustainable and green building material. It is made out of tree bark, which can regenerate after it is harvest, allowing for you to reduce the overall environmental impact of your remodeling project. Further, some types of cork flooring are sourced from recycled sources, allowing you to be even more sustainable.

Non-absorbent: Cork contains a special chemical that prevents moisture from being absorbed into the material itself. This is especially important when installing a floor in your kitchen, as it is inevitable that liquids will be spilled at some point. This also makes cleaning much easier, and prevents stains from setting into the cork, allowing you to maintain a consistent appearance fairly easily.

Insulation: Another major advantage associated with cork as a building material is its insulation ability. This means that it will hold onto heat in the winter and prevent heat from seeping in during the summer, making your kitchen more comfortable to work in. This also means that cork flooring can help insulate sound, which is an important consideration if you live in a small home or if there is a living area directly located under your kitchen. 

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