4 Signs You Need New Windows

While there are many signs of wear and tear that will mean you need to replace your windows, there are also some behavioral signs you should look out for. Your windows should improve your quality of life and should be a pleasure to use. If you find yourself in some of the following situations, you may want to upgrade your windows to new windows that better fit your needs and that you are happier with. 

You Avoid Opening Your Windows Even When You Want Ventilation

If your windows stick when opening or closing, are too heavy to operate comfortably, or swing the wrong direction for your needs, you may find that you hesitate to use them. If you wait until you absolutely have to open your windows instead of opening and closing them at your first whim, it's a good sign that you need to upgrade your windows to new ones that fit your needs better. 

You Can't See Out of Your Windows In the Morning 

Whether it is condensation on the outside of a single pane window or fog between a dual pane, if your window fogs up in the morning and you cannot see out of it, it is a sign that you need to update your windows. You may need something with better energy efficiency or you simply may need a newer window that does not have any leaks in the seals. 

You Make a Point of Placing Your Furniture Away From your Windows 

When you rearrange the furniture in a room, do you carefully set up chairs and sofas away from windows because there is a draft or because the windows will not be able to open with furniture around them? If so, you should get new windows that will allow you complete freedom of furniture placement in your home. Dual or triple pane windows will allow you to sit near the window without feeling chilled, and windows that have an option for opening at the top or side will help prevent blocking issues. 

You Consider Window Cleaning a Twice-a-Year Chore

You should regularly wipe down your windows, but it can be difficult to get to the outside window surface sometimes. Windows that are made to swing inwards for easy wiping will allow you to clean your windows every month or even more regularly as opposed to waiting until you are cleaning outside. 

If your windows irritate you, you should replace them with new windows that will make your life at home better. For more information, contact companies like Unique Home Solutions.

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