Can You Expand? How To Figure Out If You Can Make Your Bathroom Bigger

Bathrooms are generally places where people feel like they need more room. This is especially true if two adults are sharing one tiny bathroom, or two adults and a couple of kids are sharing an average-sized bathroom. If you feel like your bathroom could use a remodel, and you want to make it bigger, you should consult with bath design services. These companies look at the bathroom you have to help you figure out if you can expand. Here are a few starter tips to see if an expansion can be done on your home.

Moving Walls

Some walls can be demolished and rebuilt; others cannot. You can move a wall to make a bathroom bigger, but only if you do not mind another room becoming smaller. For example, if you have a really large bedroom next to the bathroom, and you do not mind that bedroom being shortened three to five feet in one direction, then you can take that wall down and move it farther into the bedroom. Be aware that you will not be able to use that bedroom during this period of demolition and construction.

On the flip side, if the current walls are load-bearing walls, you cannot move them at all. Smashing these walls can cause your house to cave in and fall down! Experienced contractors can tell what walls are load-bearing ones, and what walls are not.

Expanding Outside Walls

While it is a bit unusual, you could expand an outside wall outward. If there is enough space on your property to do this, and your bathroom is on an outside wall, the contractor could build outward. Of course, if you are going to do that, it may be a better idea to expand that side of the house completely. It would definitely be a more expensive remodel, but you just might like the extra room for all the rooms on that side of the house.

Taking Extra Stuff Out

Sometimes some bathrooms have too much cabinet, or a shower stall and a tub. You could remove the shower stall and put the shower plumbing through the tub (if there is not a shower present already). Take out the extra cabinet space, if you do not need it or are not really using it. This would give you extra room to install a longer sink vanity with two sinks, or a bidet, if that is your thing. Sure, your bathroom is not bigger square-feet-wise, but it will feel like it is.

For more bathroom remodeling tips, reach out to companies like Kitchen Expo.

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