Want To Install Butcher Block Countertops? Follow A Few Ways To Avoid Water Damage

If your kitchen countertops have been old and outdated since the day you moved in, you may not feel attached to them. It is also more likely that you have not been consistent with upkeep and avoiding damage. This is fine when you are going to replace the countertops soon. It may not be easy to pick with so many options, but you may end up deciding on butcher block countertops.

While you may look forward to a professional installation for a clean and sleek look, you should also consider the ways that you can avoid water damage once the countertop is installed.

Make an Ideal Dirty Dish Setup

Some countertops are more sensitive to water than others, especially butcher block, so you may not be used to needing to watch out for water exposure. It is best to take your time with setting up an area where you can put your dirty dishes. You want to avoid a situation in which the dishes are dripping water anywhere on the countertop because this can lead to eventual damage.

It is also important not to put these dishes directly on the countertop. This can cause dishes that are only slightly wet to drip or rub water off on the butcher block. Since it is not easily noticed, you want to make it so that you do not have to worry about it with a strategical setup. Putting the dishes in the sink, dishwasher, or on the counter in a dish rack with a drainer can all work.

Install a Farmhouse Sink

Another way that you can minimize excessive wear to your countertop is by getting a farmhouse sink. The great thing about this sink type is that it does not have any countertop in front. It is almost inevitable for water to get in between you and the sink when washing dishes. A farmhouse sink is also helpful because it does not have a lip on the sides that can lead to food getting stuck.

Pick a Durable Finish

When you are working with a company to install the butcher block countertop, you want to figure out which finish to use beforehand. This will allow them to put the finish on once they install the countertop and they should be able to provide you with options that prevent water damage.

It will be easy to look forward to a new kitchen countertop when you know how to avoid damage that can lead to costly repairs. For more information, contact a business such as J&B Fine Cabinetry.

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