Converting A Basement Bathroom Into A Dog Grooming Station

For pet parents, having a way to groom their animals can make a great addition to a home. If you have a big pet family and want to create a grooming station, you can do this with some changes to a basement bathroom. Here are a few things to discuss with your contractor so you can build a pet grooming station in your basement:

Dog Showers

Converting your existing stand-up shower to a dog shower is one way to remodel your bathroom. Work with your contractor to build a small ridge at the entryway to the shower, which will help to keep some water off of your floors. You'll want to remove the existing door so you have complete access to your pet while bathing him or her. Install a handheld showerhead, and have it positioned about halfway up the wall. This will make it easier to rinse off your pet during baths. You can also have a restraint installed in the wall to keep your pet in the shower area. This type of restraint attaches to his or her collar and resembles a short leash.

Utility Sink

A utility sink comes in handy for bathing cats or smaller dogs, and it also provides a place to hand-wash pet clothing, leashes, and collars. Consider removing your existing vanity and installing a heavy-duty utility tub instead. You can opt for a stainless steel design, and your contractor can build a custom cabinet underneath that provides storage space while also keeping your bathroom/pet grooming area neat and tidy.

Floor Drain

Bathing pets can lead to lots of splashes and spills on your floors, so plan for this by installing a floor drain in the center of the bathroom. This helps to guide water away so it doesn't pool on the floors, and it makes cleanup a bit easier after bath time. This drain should be in addition to the shower or tub drain.

Dedicated Litter Area

If you aren't planning on having humans use the bathroom after the remodel, consider removing the toilet from the room. You can finish the flooring where the toilet once was to create more space in the bathroom. Dedicate this area to a litter box for your cats, which keeps the box out of more frequently used areas of the home while giving your pets a dedicated place to tend to their personal needs. If you do choose this option, be sure that the basement door remains open to allow easy access. For small dogs, you can purchase pet-safe indoor turf pads, which can be used in much the same way as a litter box. Having a dedicated potty space also comes in handy when your pets need to do their business in the middle of being groomed.

Talk to your contractor about different materials to use during your remodel, such as pet-friendly flooring, and work together to create a space that's dedicated to caring for your pet pals. Contact a company like REMODEL EXPERTS for more information and assistance. 

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