Insight To Help You Reglaze Your Bathtub For Your Bathroom Remodel

When your bathtub becomes stained, cracked, and chipped from use and abuse, you don't need to replace it to restore its look. You can refinish or reglaze your bathtub at home to give your bathtub a new, polished finish, and even a new color, without the expensive budget. Some services, like Tub Solutions Inc, will refinish your bathtub for you.

Here is some insight to help you refinish your bathtub and save money in your bathroom remodel budget.

Save on Your Remodel Budget

When you reglaze your old bathtub, you will be saving quite a bit of money. If you remove the old bathtub, buy the new bathtub, and pay for installation of the tub and new plumbing, the costs can add up quickly. During a bathroom remodel, you can put the extra savings into a new flooring, new fixtures, a new counter, or new cabinets.

When you shop for the materials to complete the reglazing, look for a complete bathtub reglazing kit that contains a resin coat versus an epoxy, as a resin coating will be more durable and last longer than an epoxy finish. You may also want to invest in or rent a paint sprayer to apply the paint coating and finish to your bathtub. This will give it a more uniform and even coating.

Prepare the Tub

When you are ready to begin your project, lay down painting tarps around the tub and tape up plastic sheeting to protect the surrounding surfaces, unless you will be replacing them during your remodel. Remove all the bathtub's hardware, cover the ends of any plumbing with masking tape, and use a degreaser and a cleaning cloth to clean the interior of your tub. Then, with sandpaper, scratch up the interior surfaces of the tub to remove any shiny coating and prepare it to be recoated with the new glazing. Vacuum your bathtub's interior to remove any sanding dust.

If your bathtub has any cracks, dents, or chips in its surface, now is the time to patch them. You can use a waterproof bathtub repair-and-patch kit to fill in the damage, spreading the repair filler onto the damage with a plastic spatula or putty knife. Allow it to dry and sand it smooth with sandpaper.

Reglaze the Tub

Follow the instructions on your specific bathtub refinishing kit to apply the primer and one to two coats of the refinishing paint with your paint sprayer. Lastly, apply the finishing glaze to seal in the coatings, allowing it to cure fully before you use the bathtub.

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