Planning Tips For Your Home's New Custom Built-In Outdoor Kitchen

If you have been saving your money and the time has come to build your home's new custom built-in outdoor kitchen, then there are a few planning tips that will make the process easier and ensure your project comes off without a hitch, including the following:

Planning Tip: Decide on a Location for Your New Outdoor Kitchen

In order to build an outdoor kitchen in your backyard, you will need access to both water, power, and sewer lines. Since adding and extending utility lines can really eat up a lot of money from your building budget, you should plan to locate your outdoor kitchen on an exterior wall of your home. This way, even if you need to hire a plumber or electrician to extend utility access, the cost will be a lot lower.

Planning Tip: Decide What Appliances You Will Install in the Outdoor Kitchen

Once you have decided on a location for your new outdoor kitchen, then it is time to decided what appliances you want it to have. Some of the most popular appliances are:

  • a sink
  • a refrigerator or wine cooler
  • a cooktop or barbeque

A sink in your outdoor kitchen is nice for quick cleanups and a refrigerator or wine cooler will keep your guests' drinks nice and cool. At least a basic cooktop or barbeque is necessary for cooking food. However, if you are planning a high-end kitchen, you also might like to install something like a stone pizza oven.

Planning Tip: Consider the Various Flooring Options for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Since your built-in outdoor kitchen needs to have a stable floor, it will require the installation of some sort of flooring. Some of the most popular options include:

  • a concrete slab patio
  • a slate or other rock patio
  • a wood or composite deck

The appliances you want to install and your outdoor kitchen's size is the two main factors you must consider when choosing the flooring. For example, for a kitchen with a lot of heavy appliances, you should opt for a concrete slab or slate patio. For a smaller kitchen with just a sink and cooktop, you can use a wood or composite material deck.

Planning Tip: Hire a Licensed Building Contractor to Shore-Up Your Plans

Finally, after you have done all of the planning you are able to do on your own, then the time has come to enlist the help of a licensed building contractor. Your outdoor living contractor will advise you about and assist with obtaining the necessary building permits required to build your new custom outdoor kitchen. 

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