Preventing Remodeling Regret: How To Avoid The Mistakes That Will Keep You From Loving Your New Bathroom

Remodeling the bathroom is the top home improvement project in the United States, meaning many people want to love their bathrooms more; however, this isn't likely to happen if anything goes awry during construction, leaving you with remodeling regret. Be happy with your new bathroom and love every minute in it, by making sure the results are everything you really wanted and nothing else. Here's how:

1. Get Professional Help And Ideas As You Plan The Project

While you could whip up some plans by yourself, then hand them to a contractor, unless you're in the know yourself regarding the construction elements that go into making a solid and functional bathroom, those plans you work so hard for are very likely to change once the contractor has a look. They'll tell you that the sink can't be positioned so close to the loo or your walk-in shower simply won't jive with the plumbing.

Have a general idea of the changes you want to make, then sit down with a contractor and draw up the final plans together. This will save you time and disappointment, not to mention the headache of having to start from scratch again, after your plan is nixed by the pros.

2. Allow The Contractors All The Time They Need

During any remodeling project, your house is going to be a mess, be it minor or major and no matter how much you dread those circumstances, it's more important to endure them than to rush the job. The contractor should give you a general time estimate, but that's never set in stone; plan on the project possibly going over by a few days to even weeks, depending on the complexity of it.

3. Take Supply And Material Suggestions From The Contractor

It's difficult to resist window shopping as you plan a remodeling project, by going online or in person and looking at all the fabulous lighting, mirror, tile and other decor options available, but this isn't usually your best course of action. For example, you might be head-over-heals for a certain item, but your contractor will advise against it for reasons you can't anticipate.

For example, the remodeling contractor likely has the lowdown on how reliable certain materials and manufacturers tend to be, along with knowing what's going to work best in the damp and humid environment of the bathroom. Take the advice of the professionals you have working for you and resist the urge to splurge on anything they haven't approved of - or you could be sorry later on.

If you really can't help yourself and decide to look anyway, keep the following materials in mind to avoid, as they can be disastrous in warm and wet rooms:

  • Wallpaper, as the steam from baths and showers will cause it to peel.
  • Highly polished floor tiles, which will be dangerously slippery in a bathroom.
  • Carpeting, because the moisture retained within the fibers would likely lead to mold and that can make you sick.
  • Certain synthetic flooring, such as laminate, that peel under the duress of constant humidity.
  • Medium density fiberboard, used in many cabinets and vanities, unless it's highly resistant to water-rot, which you can find out from your contractor.

4. Make Storage A Priority

Depending on the design of your new bathroom, you might think it's acceptable to skimp on storage, in order to achieve the look you want; however, in the long-run, you're probably going to miss having sufficient space to store all your towels, toiletries and other items, making it best to incorporate shelves and other storage mediums into your renovation plans.

5. Expand Ventilation Capacity As You Remodel

If your bathroom is getting bigger and especially if it's likely to be used more often and by more people following the remodeling, be sure and upgrade the ventilation system, too.

6. Add Water Conservation To Your Plans

Although the idea of his-and-hers or other elaborate schemes may be appealing, especially if you add fancy shower attachments, all that extra bling and pampering can be taxing on your drain, plumbing and water heater. On the other hand, fixtures and features that are efficient in their use of water will save you money, wear-and-tear on your bathroom parts and help reduce your carbon footprint.

7. Consider The Needs Of Your Household Over The Next Few Years

Especially if you don't plan on moving as you get older, avoid any permanent renovations that could interfere with ease of movement or safety, should you start feeling the pain of arthritis or otherwise be physically unable to traverse the room freely, later on in life. For example, if getting in and out of the tub becomes challenging, but you've no place to attach supportive railings, you'll be forced to completely remodel again. Also, if you're much younger and childless, consider the possibility of adding children to the household and how the new bathroom renovations might need to change under those circumstances, too.

With all the resources you pour into your bathroom remodeling project, you want to make sure there are no regrets. Plan thoroughly, work closely with your contractor and use quality materials you can depend on for years to come, because it's a great feeling when you really love your bathroom.

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