3 Reasons You May Need Custom Windows For Your Tiny Home

From the west coast of the Golden State to the shorelines of the Atlantic Ocean, tiny homes are popping up all across the country as more people decide they need a more conservatively sized abode. If you've decided to jump on board and join the tiny house movement, you are in for some eye-opening changes in how you live. But more importantly, you are in for an eye-opening look at how much different a tiny home is in structure than a regular house.

If you choose to build your own tiny home, you will find a need to have custom components made that fit correctly, including windows. Here is a look at a few reasons why you may need to order specially designed custom windows for your tiny home:

You will not want windows that take up as much wall space. 

The average size of a tiny home is less than 500 square feet, which means every last inch of wall space has to be carefully utilized to implement all the necessities. While windows are important, you will not want windows so large that they take up crucial space that could otherwise be used for cabinetry, shelves, or other features. Because of this, you may have to seek custom windows that are small enough to fit into the overall setup. 

You may need specialty skylights for your tiny home's roof. 

It is not uncommon for tiny home builders to make use of open space on the ceiling for windows to allow in natural light because there is simply not enough space for windows integrated into the walls. Skylights are available prefabricated from most window manufacturers. However, the conservative size of the tiny house roof may mean you need windows that are shaped to fit in around vent pipes or chimneys or even made in an elongated and narrow shape or size. 

You might need windows that serve dual functions. 

A lot of tiny homes are heated or cooled with ductless mini split systems that must have an opening to the outdoors to garner heat and cold from the air outside. These mini-split systems can be situated into a window frame in a tiny home, but the window needs to have a sturdy structure and shape to support the frame of the unit. Therefore, having a custom window frame built to house this small HVAC system is the ideal way to get the best fit. 

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