Kitchen Beauty Is In The Details: How Will You Customize Your Cabinets?

It is an exciting time when you are renovating and remodeling your kitchen. The biggest expense is the kitchen cabinetry, but it is also the most exciting part because the cabinets make the kitchen. Which cabinet style will you choose? What color of finish? Do you choose the trendy, popular style that everyone wants right now, or do you pick the style and finish you like best? As if that was not enough, how will you make your kitchen cabinets your own? They are only as beautiful as the details you choose, so consider the following options carefully:

Scrolled Shoe Molding

This is molding with a scrolled look. It is called "shoe" molding because it is frequently attached to the bottoms of the upper cabinets to give the cabinets a more finished look. You can also invert the shoe molding and attach it to the tops of the upper cabinets if you want a little bit of molding at the top. Some people also use the shoe molding along the bases of the lower cabinets and along the baseboards at the bottoms of the walls to unite the look of the kitchen.

Batten Molding

Batten molding is flat plank molding with a rounded edge on one side. This stuff is usually used along the bare-faced edges of lower cabinets as decoration. It is very plain, but not nearly as plain as your kitchen cabinets without it. 

Crown Molding

This is the piece-de-resistance for most people when it comes to customizing your cabinets. Crown molding is attached to the very tops of the upper cabinets and "crowns" the cabinets to make them appear very regal and expensive. It is the go-to point for real estate agents pointing out the really gorgeous details in any room of a house, and the stuff that makes everyone else "ooh" and "aah." There are many different styles of crown molding, all of which can be added to make it even more elaborate and rich in detail.

Fancy Wooden Valances

If you have areas in your new kitchen where cabinets will not fit, but you want a touch of elegance, consider wooden valances. These pieces are usually made to match the style and finish of cabinetry you chose. They are made to fit expanses as short as two feet and as long as eight feet in your kitchen, visually connecting cabinets on one side of the expanse to cabinets on the other side. Ask your kitchen cabinet design service for a visual/digital reconstruction of what this would look like in your kitchen.

Contact a company like Big John's Closeouts for more information and assistance. 

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