Three Reasons To Add Mirrors To The Rear Of Your Kitchen Cabinets

One of the ways that you can augment the look of your kitchen cabinets is to replace some of the solid doors with doors that hold glass panels. This look can make your kitchen look roomier, not to mention allow you to show off your favorite serving dishes or other kitchen items. A nice complement to these doors can be mirrored panels on the back walls of the cabinets. Mirrored panels are unusual in kitchen cabinets with solid doors, but can work well behind doors with glass panels. Here are three reasons that you may want to think about adding mirrors to the rear of the cabinets.

Illusion of Additional Space

Glass panels can create a roomier feel than solid doors do, but adding mirrors on the backs of the cabinets can further increase the illusion that your kitchen is bigger than it actually is. Mirrors are valuable for augmenting the perceived size of a space. When you hang a mirror on the wall of your living room, for example, you'll often feel as though the room is larger because you're seeing "more" of the room when you look in the mirror. A similar situation holds true when you have mirrored backs in your kitchen cabinets, which can be something that you might seek in a smaller kitchen.

Easier Identification of Items

The shelves of your kitchen cabinets can quickly get cluttered with items, which can occasionally make it difficult to locate something that you wish to retrieve. If something is hidden behind a stack of plates, for example, you might overlook it. However, when there are mirrored panels at the rear of the cabinets, you'll have an easier time identifying items that you're seeking. Something that might be obscured from the front can often be visible when you look in the mirror.

Augmentation of a Modern Look

Shiny surfaces, such as those that are mirrored, can often make a space appear modern. For many homeowners, the idea of a modern-looking kitchen is desirable, and they may seek appliances and decorations that support this theme. When you add mirrored panels on the back walls of your kitchen cabinets, you'll further enhance the feeling of modernity in your kitchen. This may thus be preferable to a wood or MDF back wall, which lacks much visual appeal and doesn't support the modern theme.

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