No Room For A Real Wine Cellar? Make One Anywhere

If you love wine, having a wine cellar is a dream come true. But while that may sound far-fetched for most Americans, a wine cellar doesn't have to be an actual cellar, nor does it have to be something opulent. Anyone can have a great wine cellar with a few basic elements. What are they? Here are the four things you need.

Cold Storage. The most important thing about storing most wine is keeping it at the right temperature. This is why wine tends to be stored in cool cellars. But, in actuality, you can mimic the optimal storage environment of the underground world with a modern refrigeration system. Look for a cabinet with storage for about twice the amount of bottles you tend to keep on hand. This gives you room to store, enjoy, and build your collection. You may even want two cabinets: one for chilling and one for deep storage. 

Storage for Accessories. Wine accessories are the next most important items after the actual bottles of wine. You'll need fun wine racks for serving, openers, glassware, and decanters. Custom cabinets provide a safe place for these serving utensils, which are often delicate and need special protection that standard cabinetry doesn't offer. If you have limited room, consider cabinetry with hanging racks, vertical storage, and even mobile elements to save space.

Cocktail Tables. You want to enjoy your vintages with friends, right? Then you'll need a few tables to serve them on. Cocktail tables don't take up much space — especially compared to sit-down tables and chairs — and you can expand them or use as few as you have room for. 

Ambiance. What type of feeling do you want your wine tasting area to convey? It could be rustic and natural, or it may be modern and industrial. You may want to create a "speakeasy" vibe or the look of a classic French winery. Whatever your taste and style, look for decorations, racks, and tables that help set the mood. A little of the right decor goes a long way in a tight space, and the wine itself will help create the ambiance to begin with. 

You can create these four basic elements in even the smallest area. With environmental control over wine storage, a few accessories properly stowed, and a place to sit down and relax, you'll make a wine cellar that you can enjoy for years to come. 

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