5 Tips to Find the Right Timing for Your Kitchen Remodel

Do you want to remodel your kitchen but are hesitant to be without this vital space? Doing without a kitchen even for a few days is difficult, but an extensive renovation could put it out of commission for weeks or even longer. One of the best ways to minimize the impact to your family is to choose the right time to embark on the project. Here are a few ways you can do this.

Try for Summer

Summer is a good time for many people to close up their kitchen for renovation. Why? If you have an outdoor cooking space — or can make one using a grill, cabinets, and a table — you can simply move much of the kitchen work outside. In summer, you aren't rushing around to get kids fed and out the door to school. And people are more likely to go out to eat. All of that makes your kitchen less vital.  

Plan a Vacation

Can't use your kitchen? Time the renovation to coincide with a family vacation. Whether you plan a vacation to fit within the time frame of the remodel or you plan the renovation to fit with established vacation arrangements, the result is that you won't be around to be inconvenienced. 

Avoid Entertaining Season

You probably won't want to entertain while remodeling your main cooking space. So look at your calendar to determine when you are the least likely to entertain at home. Some people have a lot of gatherings during the holidays. Others may like to invite people over for pool parties or backyard barbecues in warm weather. Whatever your style is, schedule downtime for the opposite of this season. 

Opt for a Slower Season

Just like travel has an 'off season', construction has them as well. The months before tax refund season, for instance, are often slow for builders, so you might not only get a better deal but also more availability and a better turnaround time. Spring, on the other hand, is a busy time when many projects compete for attention. 

Clear Your Schedule

The frustration and chaos of remodeling invariably bleeds into other areas of family life. So you do well to look at the family's calendar over the renovation period and immediately afterward. Avoid ripping up your kitchen when you're trying to write your thesis, preparing a work project, arranging the church Christmas pageant, or planning your child's wedding. 

If you consider these timing tips, you'll start to see when might be good times and when might be bad times to tear out your kitchen. Want more advice on the best months to undertake this project? Some companies, like Classic Cabinets & Remodeling, know that you can meet with an experienced kitchen remodel contractor to learn what will be involved in your own project and how to make it work for everyone.

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