Reduce Bathroom Cleaning Demands With Several Remodeling Projects

When you look at how much your family uses each room in your house, you may know that the main bathroom is either near the top or at the top of the list. The bathroom being used so often usually comes with a lot of cleaning demands because of how much dirt and grime builds up. To reduce bathroom cleaning needs, you should use a remodeling service in a strategic way.

Frameless Shower Door

A great project worth taking on is replacing a framed shower door with a frameless one. This will make your bathroom look better while also reducing how much you need to clean the room.

As soon as you put in a frameless door, you will not have to go through the process of cleaning the glass and then cleaning the frame, including the track at the bottom. Cleaning the glass is not hard or time-consuming, which means you can look forward to greatly reduced shower upkeep.

Large Format Tile

Even if you have tile flooring in the bathroom, you may want to consider replacing it with large format tile for reduced cleaning needs. This simple change can make an enormous difference because you will not have to worry as much about the grout getting dirty. Also, since the grout will eventually get dirty enough to need replacing, you will not have to replace as much overall.

Smart Toilet

An exciting feature that you can add to your bathroom is a smart toilet, which will provide a lot more functionality than just reduced cleaning. For instance, you can reduce or eliminate toilet paper use with a bidet function and air drying that keeps you from having to dry yourself.

Making sure to pick up a smart toilet with self-cleaning functionality is an easy and reliable way to save time on cleaning since you can get it to clean the inside thoroughly on its own. This means that you will only have to put time and effort into cleaning the outside of the smart toilet.

Touchless Faucet

When you wash your hands, you may notice that water and sometimes soap can get all over the sink and faucet handles. Although it may not increase your cleaning demands by much, you can look forward to avoiding this mess when you get a touchless faucet for your main bathroom.

Reducing your bathroom cleaning needs is as easy as making these kinds of changes. For more information about bathroom remodeling, contact a local contractor.

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