Install Custom Cabinets When Designing A Small Corner Kitchen

Updating a kitchen or building one for the first time requires installing new cabinetry. If the kitchen is small and needs to fit into a corner of the home, it can come with some difficulties in choosing the cabinets. As such, rather than choose stock cabinets that make the kitchen feel smaller, you should opt to order custom cabinets that look fantastic and will be a suitable size. 

Fit the Cabinets to the Room 

As you shop for cabinets, you could be frustrated with the standard sizes you're seeing. With stock cabinets that come preassembled, you can expect base cabinet sizes to be between 12 to 48 inches wide. While these measurements fit a wide range of sizes to suit most kitchens, they may not be a good fit for the size of your small kitchen. 

By ordering custom cabinets that are built specifically for the dimensions of your kitchen, you can take advantage of the space available to you. Custom cabinets are helpful to have in a kitchen that fits into a corner since there will be less space available to you. 

Make sure to determine the measurements you're interested in and have an in-home assessment done. This can help you discover the right size of cabinets to install. 

Opt for Built-In Organization

As you check the options for cabinetry, you'll likely see how vital shelving is for neatly fitting plates, bowls, and cups. Shelving can be built into cabinets when they're custom made, allowing you to have adequate organizational tools available to you. 

Checking what shelves and special tools are available, including a spinning dolly inside, makes accessing the cabinets much simpler. You may even want pull-out drawers installed inside a cabinet to make reaching items in the very back convenient. 

Open the Upper Cabinets

The limited square footage of a corner kitchen could make the room feel closed-in. While having upper cabinets installed is essential for adding plenty of storage, you don't want to make the kitchen feel too small. Opting for an open concept where cabinets have glass panels or even exposed shelving can help make the kitchen feel open. 

As you prepare for installing new cabinets, you need to explore all the options that make it easy to take advantage of the available space. With the above tips in mind, custom cabinetry can help deliver the amount of space you want and help design the kitchen to feel as welcoming to cook in as possible. Contact a custom kitchen cabinet supplier for more information. 

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