Custom Features For Your Pantry's Cabinetry

A walk-in pantry that extends from the kitchen can be used to store ingredients, cooking gear, and cleaning materials. Choose custom-made cabinets that contain features you prefer for the storage of items you will ultimately be using in the kitchen.

Cabinet Materials And Protectants

Hand-crafted cabinets are constructed of natural or synthetic materials or a combination of the two. If the pantry area stays relatively dry, choose a cabinet material that contains an unfinished surface or one that contains a standard layer of paint or stain. Your remodeling contractor can provide samples of how the surface of a cabinet will look and feel, both with and without a protectant added to it.

If the quarters tend to get humid, potentially due to the lack of ventilation within the space, your contractor may need to make adjustments to the structure of the space or they can add a powder-coated or sealed surface to each cabinet. Choose a cabinet material that won't expand and contract when the temperature fluctuates.

Some home designs may feature a kitchen with a connecting pantry that is located right off of an enclosed porch or near a doorway. This may necessitate using a cabinet material that is designed for use in areas where climate control is not consistently implemented or available.

The Depth And Height

The depth and height of the cabinets will determine how much cubic space you are supplied with. Custom cabinets can jut outward from a wall or can be recessed. Cabinets that are built into a wall will maximize the amount of space within the pantry.

You may want to choose a cabinet door style that will coincide with the color or pattern that is displayed on the pantry's walls. This type of cabinet design will provide you with a camouflaged storage setup. Items will always remain out of view, which can make the pantry seem uncluttered even when it is packed with food products, cooking equipment, and cleaning supplies.

Designate one or two cabinets for tall items and select a series of standard-sized cabinets for the rest of the materials that you want to place in storage. The symmetry of the cabinets does not need to be uniform. However, you may want to have taller cabinets installed along the end of one of the walls and smaller ones in the center of a wall or mix and match the heights of the cabinets by choosing an irregular layout for the cabinetry. Contact a company that supplies custom cabinets for more information. 

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