Signs You Need A New Granite Countertop

Every homeowner wants to have a functional kitchen countertop. That's why it's necessary to replace your kitchen countertop as soon as you spot signs of wear and tear. Having a nice-looking countertop will make your kitchen look great at all times. 

While granite countertops are designed to be durable, you shouldn't wait for them to fall apart to replace them. These signs should tell you it's time to invest in a new granite countertop

Unremovable Stains

Granite is notorious for being porous, meaning it can absorb liquids pretty easily. As such, granite countertops should be sealed to prevent staining. However, the sealing will lose its integrity and leave the granite exposed to stains over time. 

Unless you reseal your countertop, it will absorb stains that will ruin the surface. Unfortunately, some of these stains are hard to remove, and the only way out is to invest in a new granite counter.

Old Age

Granite countertops are designed to last for around 10 to 15 years. Unfortunately, your counter will start showing aging signs eventually. So, if you notice your granite countertop is losing its integrity, call your kitchen remodeling contractor to replace it. 

You Want to Sell Your Home

The other reason you might want to invest in a new granite countertop is if you want to sell your home. Potential buyers want a house with a modern kitchen. Therefore, you should ensure your kitchen looks as good as new before listing your house. 

One way to boost the looks of your kitchen is to have it remodeled. During the remodel, ensure your granite countertop is replaced. The good thing about a kitchen remodel is that it can increase the value of your home. You don't worry about replacing your countertop because you'll get a good ROI. 

Chips and Cracks

All countertops are subject to damage over time, and granite isn't an exception. As you use your granite countertop, it can crack as a result of heavy impact. Besides, an accident can happen that ends up damaging your counter. All that impact will cause your countertop to crack or chip. Sometimes knives and other sharp objects can cause irreversible damage to your granite countertop.

In case you spot any of the above signs, start budgeting for a new granite countertop. Also, remember to talk to your kitchen remodeling contractor and discuss when you want them to install the new countertop. 

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