How Do You Renovate A Kitchen To Make It More Suitable For Entertaining Friends And Family?

If you entertain friends and family at your home frequently, having a kitchen that's made for entertaining is a major asset. A kitchen that's an open, inviting space makes it easier for guests to mingle. Adding more appliances that allow guests to serve themselves without coming into the area where you're preparing meals makes cooking more convenient. If you'd like to upgrade your kitchen in order to make it easier to entertain guests, read on to find out how.

Create More Space for Entertaining by Opening Up Your Kitchen

One of the best ways to make your kitchen more suitable for entertaining is to remove some of the walls surrounding the kitchen in order to open up the space. This is currently a very popular design concept for new homes, because it allows you to interact with guests in the dining room and living room while you're in the kitchen, making it a perfect setup for entertaining.

The goal is to create one contiguous space combining the kitchen, the dining room, and the living room. This won't be possible in all homes, as some of the walls surrounding the kitchen may be load-bearing, and those can't be removed. However, a remodeling contractor can work with an engineer to remove as much of the wall as possible in order to make your kitchen the most open it can be.

Add a Second Dishwasher

When you're entertaining, you'll typically be left with a lot of dirty dishes, utensils, and glassware, especially if you're serving multiple courses for a meal. Stacking them in the sink can create an eyesore, and you most likely don't want to do dishes while you're entertaining. The best option is to add a second dishwasher to your kitchen since you can hide dirty dishes away on the rack inside of it.

If you look for a dishwasher that's ultra-quiet, then you can even run it while you're entertaining. You won't even notice that these dishwashers are running unless you're right next to one, so you're able to clean dishes without disturbing your guests.

Install a Mini-Fridge for Drinks

If you only have one refrigerator in your kitchen and you're entertaining several guests, the kitchen often becomes quite crowded as guests come into the kitchen in order to pick up another drink. One way to solve this problem is to add a mini-fridge to your kitchen placed near the dining room or living room. Guests don't have to walk into the kitchen area in order to get another drink, which keeps the area clear for you to cook and plate food in.

Overall, the main goal of remodeling a kitchen for entertaining is to open up the space and to allow guests to serve themselves without having to walk into the kitchen area. Keeping the kitchen free allows you to prepare meals and drinks without it becoming too crowded, making entertaining easier for you. If you entertain guests frequently and would like to upgrade your kitchen to make it more convenient for entertaining, contact a residential kitchen renovation service in your area. They'll discuss your design goals and tell you how they'll be able to transform your kitchen into a better place for entertaining.

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