3 Ways To Update An Aging Kitchen To Suit Your Senior Years

Remodeling an older kitchen can provide a tremendous improvement in your quality of life. It becomes even more essential to make updates that affect how easy the kitchen is to use and access as you get older.

Before tackling any remodeling work, consider the following updates that will give your kitchen a big difference in appearance and accessibility. 

Create an Open Layout

Depending on your mobility, a kitchen with a tight layout can be a challenge to move around in. Finding updates to your kitchen, such as removing a bulky island in the center of the room, or widening the open space, can ensure that accessibility is not a problem.

While giving your kitchen an open layout can require knocking down walls and other construction work, it can also reduce mobility issues later. If you even need to use a wheelchair or walker, moving around a kitchen with an open layout can be preferable and allow you to get around comfortably. 

Replace Outdated Appliances

As you check your options for updating your kitchen, you need to see what appliances may be outdated. An old stove can mean no clear display showing the current temperature. Outdated designs for your appliances can affect how easy your kitchen is to use as you get older, making it ideal for replacing some of the appliances. 

Whether you're interested in replacing a microwave, dishwasher, or stove, it's best to look for large buttons for ease of use and a clear display. Checking for additional safety features when replacing any appliances at home will ensure that your kitchen is accessible and won't be challenging to cook in as you get older. 

Prioritize Longevity 

Updating your kitchen to suit your needs over the years should include making longevity a big concern. Instead of the kitchen feeling dated and a challenge to use, you should look for features that will hold up over the years. Solid wood cabinetry, granite or marble countertops, ease of cleaning, and other features can all affect how your kitchen looks over the years. 

Your kitchen remodel can come with the goal to make it accessible as you age. If you're concerned with how your kitchen will function as you reach your senior years, consider the above tips and the difference they can make in giving it the updates you want. This insight will also ensure that the kitchen holds up over the years and won't need many changes later. 

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