3 Benefits Of Wood Flooring Versus Laminate Flooring

Today, consumers are spoiled for choice as far as flooring options go. Yet, you may find it challenging to choose between wood flooring and laminate flooring. 

Wood flooring comprises solid wooden planks, while laminate flooring comprises fiberboards. Though both are excellent flooring options, they differ in durability, aesthetics, and cost. 

Most consumers prefer laminate flooring because it is more affordable than wood flooring. But, opting for wood flooring provides several benefits that you don't get from laminate flooring. 

Here are three reasons to consider wood flooring instead of laminate flooring. 

1. Wood Improves Property Value 

Due to the low cost of laminate flooring, many people install laminate floors in their homes. Also, most developers use laminate flooring to lower construction costs. Hence, laminate flooring is quite common and thus lacks uniqueness. Consequently, appraisers do not consider laminate flooring as a critical factor that improves a property's value. 

However, hardwood floors are pretty rare and expensive. Potential property buyers are willing to pay premium rates for a house or apartment with original wood floors. Thus, appraisers will value properties with hardwood floors higher than those with laminate flooring.  

2. Wood Flooring Lasts Longer 

The tensile strength of the laminate is far lower than that of wood. As a result, wood is more resistant to impact and damage than laminate. 

For instance, if you drop a heavy object on a laminate floor, the floor will easily incur a dent. Yet, if you drop the same heavy object on a wooden floor, the wood will absorb most of the force, minimizing the damage incurred. 

Hence, wood flooring is more durable than laminate flooring. Besides, a hardwood floor can last up to a century, whereas a laminate flooring lifespan can vary from 10-30 years

Thus, it is better to pay a premium price for hardwood flooring because it will last up to three-time longer than a laminate floor. 

4. Wood Flooring is Cheaper to Maintain 

Before installing any flooring, one should first research the expected maintenance costs. 

In the case of laminate flooring, laminate is highly susceptible to incurring dents or gouges. As a result, opting for laminate flooring forces you to incur regular repairs. Furthermore, because laminate flooring lasts for only 10-30 years, you may have to replace the flooring at least twice in your lifetime. 

Hence, the maintenance costs of laminate flooring are high due to frequent repairs and replacements. 

But, wood flooring is more resistant to damage than laminate. So, unless the wood shatters or catches fire, there is no need to replace or repair the wood flooring. In most cases, the only maintenance a wood floor needs is refinishing. 

Hence, wood flooring helps you save money in the long run because it has lower maintenance costs than a laminate floor. For more information on wood flooring, contact a professional near you.

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