What Influences the Cost of Roof Installation

Many homeowners defer roof replacement to save on the cost. However, in many cases, roof replacement is more cost-effective than extensive roof repairs. Here are some of the factors that influence roof installation costs.

Type of Roof

The roofing material on your home can affect the cost of the replacement. Asphalt is the cheapest option, while slate or clay roofing will cost you a pretty penny. The cost of the materials is usually estimated in terms of square footage. For example, according to Angie, it costs up to $400 for 100 square feet of asphalt roofing and up to $1600 for slate or clay roofing.

Roof's Square Footage

There's a difference between your home's square footage and the roof's square footage. Your home's square footage is the sum of the gross living area. This calculation doesn't include the basement, garage space, and interior walls.

The roof's square footage includes all living spaces along with walkways, front entryways, garages, and overhangs. You can estimate this footage by multiplying the area of all the flat planes and adding them up. The larger the square footage, the higher the cost of roof replacement.

Waste Factor

A roofing contractor will add between 10-15% of the whole roof square footage as a waste factor. This value will vary depending on the style of the roof and roofing materials. The waste factor comes from the overlapping roofing material. It includes material cut-off around penetrations, flashings, and gable ends. The higher the waste factor, the higher the cost of roof replacement.

Water Damage

Water damage may not be apparent before installing a new roof. Therefore, the roofer may give you an estimate without factoring in water damage. However, if water damage is discovered, it will increase the roof installation cost. One of the main signs of water damage is rotted sheathing. In this case, the cost of roof replacement will include replacing sheathing.

Skylights and Chimney

The price of roof installation may increase because of chimneys and skylights. These elements may have to be replaced. Ask your roofer to examine these areas when giving you a quote for a new roof installation. Fixing the skylight and chimney doesn't only arise when installing a new roof but also when addressing other roof repairs. It involves the cost of replacing the flashing around the skylight and chimney.

In Closing

Installing a new roof takes a great deal of planning. You need to review your budget and compare the quotes of different roofing contractors. Additionally, you need to weigh the benefits of roof replacement versus roof repairs. Researching the factors affecting roof replacement will help you make an informed decision and choose the right professional.

For additional information, contact a residential roofing professional in your area.

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