3 Ways To Make A Statement When Remodeling A Half Bath

When your home has a half bathroom, you may feel unsure how to remodel the room to look stylish and functional. This bathroom could feel like a spare space that doesn't get much attention. Including the right features when planning the design for the half bath can make it one of the spaces you enjoy most at home.

If you're curious about features that make a statement in a half bathroom, include some of the following features you can include. 

Make the Sink a Focal Point

Rather than choose a basic pedestal sink, use the remodel as an opportunity to put in a vanity or other style of sink. Choosing a sink that draws more attention allows you to enjoy an entirely different look in your bathroom. 

A vanity can include plenty of storage underneath for any toiletries and can be personalized in numerous ways. Some options for personalization include different cabinet doors, unique hardware, and drawers. Keeping the vanity proportional to your bathroom is a good idea, along with choosing a sink basin with a style you like. 

Choose a Smart Toilet or Bidet 

Updating your bathroom can be as simple as including a toilet that has more functionality. A smart toilet can include a seat with a warming feature, a self-cleaning mode, and a built-in bidet. These toilets can be quite expensive and may not be easy to find, depending on where you live.

Bidet attachments can be hooked up to your existing toilet easily and add many functions to your toilet. Warm and cool water, along with different directions and cleaning modes, can all make a bidet a fantastic addition. 

Include Interesting Lighting 

An affordable way to make a statement bathroom is to choose lighting that draws attention. A chandelier is a classic choice that can make even a small bathroom look a lot more interesting. Wall-mounted lights can be tucked out of the way and have plenty of designs to choose from. Choosing lights that look interesting and offer the ambiance you want can ensure that you make a big statement in the bathroom without needing a lot of square footage. 

There are limited options for features to include while remodeling your bathroom without a shower or bathtub. Even so, you can explore plenty of design choices that make remodeling a half-bathroom a worthwhile project. Instead of skipping a half bathroom while looking at different areas of your home that could use remodeling, the above tips can make it easy to make a statement and enjoy an entirely different look for your home. 

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