4 Creative Ways To Add Warmth Your Bathroom During A Renovation

Are you preparing to make some changes to your bathroom by renovating it? If so, you should consider all the ways you can make the space more comfortable with heat. Here are a few creative ways that you can do it with your bathroom.

Heated Floors

One of the most comfortable ways to heat your home is with radiant heat, which is when the heating element is located underneath the floor and causes the heat to travel upward over your body. When you step out of the shower, the floor is going to feel warm and comfortable rather than cold. While this style of heat is commonly done with hot water pipes, you won't be able to use water during a renovation project.

Instead, you can add an electric heating mat underneath your floors so that you heat the room with electricity instead of hot water. This helps the heating system become self-contained in your bathroom without having to make any major changes to the rest of your home. 

Exhaust Fan Heater

Don't want to tear out your floor? The other option is to add an exhaust fan heater in the ceiling. This replaces the existing exhaust fan and uses a new model that has a heater built into it. You'll feel the heat over your body as you dry off, making the experience much more enjoyable instead of standing in a cold bathroom. 

An exhaust fan heater should ideally have a mandatory timer as an outlet switch, to ensure that it is not left on by accident. Just turn on the time for the desired amount of minutes and it will turn off when the time elapses. 

Steam Shower

A steam shower can be a great way to make the shower feel like a spa. However, this requires that you make renovations where the entire shower is sealed from top to bottom. This allows you to place a steam generator in the shower where all the steam gets trapped so that you really feel that warmth all over when you are under the water. 

Heated Towel Rack

One of the most affordable ways to add heat to a bathroom is with a heated towel rack. You'll drape your towel over this rack while you are in the shower, and then it will feel like it came right out of the dryer when you step out. This upgrade will definitely help you feel motivated to get out of the shower and out of the hot water. 

To learn about more bathroom renovation options, contact a remodeling contractor in your area.

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