Having A Home Custom Built For Your Older Years

If you are an older adult, you may be thinking of moving into a home that better suits your needs. Perhaps your kids have all moved out and you no longer need four bedrooms. Or maybe you want to relocate to a place with a lower cost of living. In either case, building a custom home can be a good way to get exactly what you want and need. However, there are a few tips you'll want to follow if you take this approach.

Stick to one floor.

Builders and designers will often encourage you to add a second floor to your custom home. They do so because this is "cheap" extra space. You don't have to add more roof or foundation to the home to add a second floor, and those are the most expensive parts. This is great advice for younger people who want a more spacious home, but it's not wise if you're older. Even if you can do the stairs comfortably now, this won't be true forever. Older adults are usually better off sticking with one story, even if it costs a little more to get your desired square footage.

Choose low-maintenance materials.

Think about the amount of maintenance you're willing to do over the years. Do you want to have to refinish doors, paint siding, or resurface your countertops? Most people are less interested in such tasks as they get older. You may not be as capable, or you may simply prefer to spend your time doing other things, like traveling. So, as you design your custom home, you should focus on choosing low-maintenance materials. Stone counters, vinyl siding, vinyl windows, and non-scuff floors are worth paying for if they mean you don't have to spend your weekends on home maintenance.

Design for accessibility.

It would be a shame to have to move out of your home because you needed to be in a wheelchair or walk with a walker for a while. You're more likely to need these devices as you grow older, so have the home designed to accommodate them. That means opting for wider halls and doorways, larger showers, and cabinets that you can reach.

With the tips above, you'll have an easier time having a home designed and built for your changing needs. A house built to these standards will continue to feel like a home for many years to come. 

For more information, contact a local residential construction company. 

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