5 Eye-Catching Ways To Customize A Kitchen Or Bathroom Remodel

Customizing a kitchen or bathroom remodel is a wonderful way to put your own imprint on a house. If this is your first chance to renovate, you want to convey something through the design. Here are five eye-catching ways to take ownership of a custom remodel.

Cabinets and Cupboards

Unsurprisingly, the most visible features tend to be the ones that make the biggest statements. A kitchen remodeling contractor can use cabinets to quickly change the look of the room. Storage units also matter in bathroom remodels. Something as simple as choosing natural versus engineered materials can radically change a room's appearance, especially if you're switching from one dominant style to another.


The island is one of the statement pieces of custom kitchen remodeling. Once more, it occupies visual space. Also, you can add numerous features like seating, a sink, appliances, and storage. The large surface is a great place to show off your material choice for the countertop, too.


A backsplash occupies your line of sight whenever you enter a bathroom or kitchen. For a bathroom remodeler, the backsplash is often a go-to customization. It is an easy way to add color to an otherwise visually boring room. Also, a contractor can create unique patterns that scream that you customized the space.

Backsplashes are also practical. Kitchens and bathrooms are prone to water and soap going in unexpected directions. The backsplash beautifies the room while also protecting it.


One of the simpler ways to customize a house is to renovate the lighting. Especially with modern LED systems, this is a great option for improving energy efficiency. Modern setups also allow you to change the light temperature and color, and that makes a room endlessly customizable. A bathroom remodeling contractor can set up a lighting system that will provide mood when you feel it and everyday practicality when you need it.

Give natural light its chance to shine, too. A well-placed window in the kitchen can make it warmer and more inviting. You can also use a mirror in the bathroom to redirect natural light and spread it around the space.


Faucets, showerheads, towel racks, and other fixtures come in all kinds of fun shapes. Take advantage of the opportunity to select something that makes a statement. Use the choice of colors and materials to accentuate your design goals, too. If you're trying to give a bathroom a 1950s retro feel, for example, the right fixtures can sell the idea visually.

For more information, contact a kitchen remodeling contractor near you.

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