4 Prevention Tips To Keep Your Deck Looking Like New

After your deck is built, you may be wondering how to care for your deck. Taking time to learn how to care for common issues will help keep your deck looking like new. Here are the four main issues to watch out for when caring for your deck:

Fading And Water Damage

Wear and tear is normal as decks age. However, you can keep your deck looking new by having it resealed regularly. 

Exposed wood is prone to fading from sunlight exposure. You can prevent fading by staining your deck. Stain offers some protection from UV light. The darker the stain used, the more your deck will be protected from fading.

Exposed wood is also prone to water damage which can drastically shorten the life of your deck.

Water damage will stain and warp the boards of your deck over time. Continued exposure to water will lead to rotting boards. Sealing your deck will prevent water damage.

It's important to note that staining your deck is not the same as sealing your deck. Stain offers limited protection from water. You should always seal your deck to prevent water damage.

Insect Damage

Insect damage to decks is largely caused by termites, ants, wasps, or bees. Most insect damage is preventable by keeping your deck sealed properly.

You also should consider installing a screen on the underside of your deck to prevent insects from reaching the wood. Deck skirting is another layer of protection that will prevent most bugs from reaching your deck in the first place.

Loose Boards

Wood is a natural product and due to this wood reacts to temperature fluctuations. These temperature fluctuations can cause wood to shrink and expand which can lead to loose boards.

Often, loose boards caused by temperature can be easily solved by checking the screws or nails used to adhere the board.

However, if loose boards have occurred due to water and warping, the boards will have to be replaced.

Wood Rot

Continued exposure to too much water will lead to rotten boards on your deck. If the rot is in a small location, it can be temporarily patched with a wood filler. 

However, if the rot is more extensive, the entire board may need to be replaced.

If you have any other questions about maintaining your deck, reach out to a company that offers custom deck services. They will be able to advise you of the best care practices for your deck.  

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