How To Keep Your Bathroom Remodeling Timeline Shorter

How long does a bathroom remodel take to complete? There's no specific answer to this question. Some remodels only take a few days. Others might drag on for months. If you are looking at a fairly extensive remodel, you should expect the whole project to take at least a few weeks. There are, however, some ways to keep the timeline compact so that you can enjoy your remodeled bathroom sooner.

Order all of the materials beforehand.

One thing that often holds up bathroom remodeling projects is having to wait for materials to be shipped. You might, for example, have to pause the project for a week while you wait for backordered flooring to come. You can prevent these holdups by ordering everything you need for the bathroom before you even start demolition. Look everything over and make sure it is all there so you can move from step to step seamlessly.

Don't move the plumbing.

When deciding where to place things in your newly designed bathroom, try to avoid moving the sink, toilet, or tub. If you do move these items, you will need to have new pipes run, which will mean hiring a plumber. You'll then have to wait for the plumber to schedule you and come do the work, which can hold up the project. If you don't move these units, you or a remodeling contractor can generally do the basic work of installing new faucets or a new toilet.

Don't rip up the floor.

Ripping up the floor takes time, and it also makes a mess that you then have to clean up. You'll save time on the project if you leave the floor in place. This does not mean you can't have a new floor. It just means you will put the new floor on top of the old one. Tile, vinyl sheeting, and click-together flooring can all be installed over an existing floor.

Buy pre-assembled cabinetry.

Instead of buying cabinets and vanities that need to be assembled, purchase ones that are pre-assembled. This way, all you really need to do is set the cabinets or vanity in place and secure them. You also won't have to spend hours screwing all the parts together.

Remodeling a bathroom can take a while, but there's no reason to let the project drag on and on. With the tips above, you can shorten the timeline and enjoy your new bathroom sooner. Contact a bathroom remodeling contractor for more information. 

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