Three Modern Types Of Showers To Consider For Your Bathroom

If you are going to have your shower remodeled, it might be worth going a little above and beyond. Instead of just replacing the tile and the fixtures, you may want to consider upgrading to a newer and more modern type of shower. Here are three modern shower types to consider. Each has its own benefits and enjoyable features.

Monsoon Showers

Monsoon showers have a fixture that sends water out from over your head, and not just from the wall. The water flow is self-pressurized. In other words, the water basically falls out of the showerhead rather than being propelled out. As such, taking a shower under a monsoon showerhead feels like you're standing in a rainstorm. Getting your full body wet at once is uniquely enjoyable and makes every shower a special experience. Installing a monsoon shower does require some extra plumbing work, so make sure you get a quote from a plumber before you proceed with this one.

Seated Shower

People often think of seated showers as being for older adults and those with reduced mobility. They certainly can be good in these situations, but a seated shower can also work well for a fully mobile person who just wants a more relaxing shower experience. Being able to sit under the shower lets you kick back and chill more intensely. It's also fun to design a seated shower. People often have the seat tiled to match the floor, but you can use a different tile style on the seat if desired. You also get to choose where the seat is located. Most put it to the back of the shower, but you can often locate it to one side if preferred.

Steam Showers

Steam showers are basically like a shower and a sauna all in one. The shower is a fully enclosed space, typically with glass doors. There will be a control panel on one wall, and you use it to set the steam or shower settings. You can stand in there and enjoy the steam, or you can run the shower at the same time. People with respiratory trouble often enjoy steam showers as the steam helps clear their airways.

If you're remodeling your shower, talk to your contractor about the types of showers listed above. In some cases, you may even be able to incorporate more than one of these ideas. For example, you could have a seated steam shower. For more information, contact a company like Midwest Bath Company.

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