5 Ways To Change Your Kitchen Without Changing The Layout

Changing the kitchen layout is one of the most common requests during any remodeling project. But it also adds significantly to the overall cost of a full kitchen renovation. So, can you achieve your redesign goals without actually changing the layout? The answer may be yes. And here are five tips to accomplish it.

1. Base Around Appliances

In general, the most expensive part of changing the layout is moving the main fixtures. This is because moving plumbing and electrical is an expensive project. So if you can adjust everything around the existing placement of the sink, stove, dishwasher, and refrigerator, you'll have a great compromise. 

2. Analyze Root Problems

Get to the bottom of what makes you unhappy with your current layout before you swing a hammer. 

For example, perhaps you have too much foot traffic going through the kitchen and interrupting your work. However, an analysis of the layout shows that moving one of the entry points could re-route traffic. Or you might make the kitchen work triangle more compact so people pass by outside it. Both problems could be relatively simple to fix.

3. Mind Appliance Shape

If you don't want to spend extra money and time moving appliances around, be careful how you upgrade them. You can still get new, modern, and more effective appliances. But you may need to pay attention to size, shape, and clearance needs. Switching from a standard swinging-door refrigerator to a French-door fridge calls for different positioning. So it may be best to stick with what works.

4. Play With Cabinet Design

Many kitchen owners want to remodel their kitchen because it's not large enough and/or doesn't have enough storage. But don't discount the effect you can have by simply making the right cabinet changes. 

What might help make your layout feel better? Go with deeper cabinets for more work and storage space. Customize some cabinets for better fits. Make use of kick drawers and tall cabinets to use all vertical space. And don't forget appliance lifts. 

5. Keep Things Mobile

New elements which can be moved around or removed whenever you want to make your kitchen more flexible and change its entire look — all without drastically changing its layout. Instead of a permanent island, try a mobile one. Install drop-down tables and workspaces. Or use pull-out and rolling organizers to move your most-used food staples closer to the stove. 

The kitchen will be handier and you've saved a lot of money. 

Where to Start

Which of these easy tricks can help you design the kitchen of your dreams without changing its layout? Find out by meeting with a full kitchen remodeling contractor in your area today.

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