What To Consider When Making A Multigenerational Home Addition

More people are turning to a multigenerational living situation. Whether it is an adult child or aging parents, for several reasons, families are choosing to live together. However, to make this dynamic work, everyone typically needs their own space, which is why in-law suites are such a popular option. Discover some of the factors to consider when designing this home addition.

Building Permitting

Before you get too excited about your remodeling plans, find out about the permit requirements in your area. In certain neighborhoods, the homeowners' association could restrict this type of project altogether, and in other areas, a building permit is all that is required to move forward. Get all the facts so that you know what requirements are in place for the construction process.

Space Considerations

Consider how much space you need based on the specifications of the suite. Do you want a suite that only includes a spacious bedroom and private bath, or a space equipped with a kitchen, living room, and dining area, too? Your design will dictate the amount of space you need. A contractor will help you determine how much space is necessary.

Consistent Design

The inside of the suite area can be unique or custom, but when it comes to the exterior of the home, you want to maintain a consistent design. From the outside, no one should be able to tell that the two spaces are essentially separate entities. From the exterior material selection, such as brick or siding, to the type of windows installed, ensure everything is consistent.

Addition Location

Once you know how much space is needed, you can think about where to install the addition. Any preexisting structures on the property, such as a pool or fence, must be considered. Additionally, it is typically advised to install an addition in an area of the home where extending the existing plumbing and electrical connections will be easiest.

Potential Uses

Think about how you might plan to use the space in the future. For example, a suite designed for aging parents might be used as a rental in the future. In this scenario, it would be important to ensure the suite has a separate entrance and that the utility connections are separate from the home. These are all factors that can be incorporated during the project.

All these factors can help you design a home addition that meets everyone's needs. Speak with a remodeling contractor to learn more about home addition options.

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