Signs It's Time to Update Your Residential Roofing System

As a homeowner, it’s important to stay on top of home maintenance tasks, and keeping an eye on your residential roofing system should be at the top of your list. Your roof is responsible for protecting you and your loved ones from the elements, and if it’s not in good shape, it could pose a serious threat to your safety and well-being. Here are five signs that it’s time to update your residential roofing system so you can stay ahead of any potential problems.

Age of Your Roof
The age of your roof can play a big role in determining whether or not it’s time for an update. If your roof is approaching or exceeding this range, it’s a good idea to have a roofing professional come out and assess its condition. Even if there are no visible signs of damage, an older roof can become more prone to issues such as leaks and cracks.

Curling, Cracked, or Missing Shingles
Shingles that are cracked, missing, or curling up at the edges are all signs of weathering and can be an indication that your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan, which can lead to extensive damage to your home’s interior. If you notice any of these signs, it’s important to take action right away to prevent further damage.

Leaks or Water Stains
Leaks or water stains in your attic or on your ceilings are a tell-tale sign that your roof is no longer doing its job properly. This could be a result of several factors, including damaged flashing, cracked shingles, or improperly installed skylights. Regardless of the cause, it’s important to address any leaks or water that could lead to further damage to your home's structure.

Higher Energy Bills
If you’ve noticed an increase in your energy bills and your roof is over a decade old, it could be a sign that your roof is no longer properly insulating your home. This can lead to higher energy costs because your HVAC system has to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Damage from Storms or Other Weather Events
Severe weather, such as hail storms, high winds, and heavy rain, can all put a beating on your roof, causing damage that may not be immediately visible. If your area has experienced any extreme weather events, it’s worth having your roof inspected by a professional to ensure that it’s still functioning as it should be.

By staying on top of regular maintenance, keeping an eye out for signs of damage, and addressing any issues as soon as they arise, you can ensure that your roof will continue to protect you and your loved ones for years to come.

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